Rising up again

A few of us gathered for worship in Sun Valley. The father of the house was bed ridden for a few months. We began to praise and worship Jesus. In Spirit we saw Jesus walk down the hall of the house to the end and turn right. We did not know that is where the father was in bed. Th Lord said, “Have I not promised, and will I not accomplish it? I came to destroy the works of the devil.” We walked back to his room and greeted him in the name of Jesus and asked him to look at us. “In the name of Jesus Christ we command your healing and tell you to rise up.” You could literally see faith wash over him. He grabbed a hand and rose out of the bed. He began to confess what the Spirit had been doing and speaking in his heart. This elderly man wept as he realized Jesus had come to bring him into Himself, to give him the intimate relationship he had been seeking his whole life. He was baptized and received the Holy Spirit. It was so very beautiful.

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