There are several ways you can get involved in the 40 Days of Worship:

Sign-up as a Volunteer – we need some people to assist us with the organising of the 40 Days of Worship.

Arrange a worship gathering – you can arrange a worship event or gathering, however way Holy Spirit leads you.  Please share it with us so we can upload it to the calendar and if possible others can join you.

Host some out of town visitors – if you have a spare room or two and want to receive some international or local out of town visitors, please let us know so we can connect you.

Make your venue available – if you have a venue  that can be used for a worship gathering, you can let us know. Our Worship team will then get the worshippers together and visit your venue.  It can be your living room, a church building, an office, or any other place you want to see some worship happen.

Share the word – we have some resources that you can freely share with your friends and anyone you think should be aware of the 40 Days of Worship.

Make a donation – if you want to make a donation towards the expenses of the 40 Days of Worship, you can do so.  We have a transparent approach and if you have any questions, your’re welcome to ask to talk our independent accountant.