Freedom in the Streets

We worshipped God in the street singing Revelation song and then walked and saw a “Rasta” looking man who is a believer. He got saved in prison. He had some “interesting” understanding of scripture but he had a sincere heart. We prayed for him and then two other young ladies joined and we prayed for them to be free of addictions and shared Jesus. I then bumped into a lady who was a former prostitute and now car guard and we told her that she needs to be in Christ and ended up baptizing her in the street. Also prayed for her to receive the peace of God. She was completely overwhelmed by God’s peace and joy and began to laugh as she asked to receive the Holy Spirit- where before she was burdened by all kinds of stress and worry. We witnessed two other men get baptized and freed from possession and addiction – praised God and prayed for a few other people and watched God move them to tears as He healed their hearts and set them free! Jesus is alive!

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