Finding Home Again

At an outreach one night in the city centre, I met a girl who was living on the streets. Starting a casual conversation with her it turns out that she has met with Jesus before but then her circumstances chanced, she made some bad choices and now feel ashamed to even speak to Jesus. I asked her if she wanted to speak to Him again, she can pray, and I will pray with her. Her shame and guilt prevented her, so I said that I will then start the prayer and then she can continue… It was such a sweet moment when her heart opened to Him again and she could tell Him how sorry she was and how desperately she needed Him and how she missed Him. After the prayer she mentioned that back home she was a singer in her churche’s worship team. I felt to ask her what was her favourite song and she said, it is ” God – my Healer”. I then took her to the worship leader present at that outreach and asked him if he knew that song so he could play it. He started to play it on his guitar. The girl joined him and as the tears freely flowed over her face she declared through singing that God is indeed her Healer as. She found her way back! Thank you Jesus!

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