Divine Appointment

We met a group of girls walking on the beach last night, which was quite odd since it was so late at night. When we approached them they were very receptive to us (again not usual). They told us that on the way to the beach in the car they had been talking about “what is truth” and about “religion” and God. One of the ladies (probably in her early thirties) was upfront with us in saying that she walked away from her Christian faith as a child and recently converted to Islam. She even served as a leader at Sunday school in her Church. We received a word of knowledge for her that part of the reason she got disillusioned with the God of Christianity is that she was hurt by the Church and that she couldn’t relate to God as Father because of relational issues she was having with her earthly father. We also felt God leading us to share that Jesus is The Truth, and that no one can come to the Father but by Him. One of the ladies, said that she now knows what she needs to do- seek the Truth with all of her heart. The Spirit took away the spirit of deception from her spiritual eyes. T The converted muslim, still has this spirit of deception covering her eyes, so please pray for her. After our conversation we prayed for them, and they admitted that God had providentially put us on their path. Thank you Jesus.

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