Through this post, we intend to share what God has commissioned us to do in South Africa. We are here in this nation in obedience to the vision and direction we received from our Lord Jesus Christ.
In August 2012 the Lord gave me a vision whilst in Mozambique. I saw the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord over the map of South Africa and I saw the Angels of the Lord worshiping and circling around the Ark (for details see: 
Soon after that we met a group of people from South Africa who invited us to visit their cities, to minister in their churches and to share the vision we had received. 
We accepted the invitation as we felt a strong confirmation in our hearts that it was from God. The following month we ministered in South Africa for 10 days, in Cape Town and Vereeniging. After this first contact, we began to visit South Africa once a year for a period of 1 month each year. This period of time invested in South Africa was in obedience to God, to honor what He had shown us regarding His plans for South Africa, plans of Revival and the manifestation of His Glory as a result of His Presence in this nation.
As we came to South Africa to share what we had received from God, we began hearing that our message was yet another confirmation of what God has been speaking over South Africa for more than 108 years through more than 40 prophets from different nations of the world. The declaration is that the Fire of God’s Glory will ignite in Cape Town and spread throughout South Africa, to the Continent of Africa and on to all the nations of the world. See more in the following video: 
The question was when and how would this happen?
In November 2015, whilst on our 5th visit to South Africa, I had a second vision. This time I saw a great movement taking place in Cape Town. I saw groups of people gathering throughout the city and the Lord told me that they would worship Him for 40 days. We have now started working on implementing this project. 

40 Days of Global Worship

This event, Global Worship, will take place in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa, starting 25th September until 3rd November, 2017. It is a Holy Assembly of the Church of Christ, gathering to worship in Spirit and in Truth, in a focused and intense way. It will also be a personal commitment between each worshiper and the Father. People will prioritize and dedicate their time to worship the Lord publicly in malls, on beaches, on the mountains, in schools, in their work places or wherever the spirit leads. Each individual will worship the Lord so that all may see His Glory manifested through His Church, united in one purpose as an expression of praise and adoration for Him. 
We look forward to the participation of the whole Church of Christ, His Bride, ready to honor their Bridegroom in grace, worship, and celebration.
Unity of the Body of Christ is essential, therefore our aim is to develop various connections with those who really want to worship and exalt King Jesus, the only One worthy to receive all glory and honor.

May every tongue, tribe and nation present in Cape Town during this period be united in one voice, one sound and one heart.

With Love
Francis & Mildred Lira

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  1. Hi there! I will be available to join you as a pianist. The rest will be discussed face to face if you will.

    With regards.

    God bless you

    1. hi Joseph

      Thank you for your willingness to be part of the 40DoW.
      Could you kindly contact Mildred by Whatsapp (if possible) on 0797214939
      to arrange a face to face meeting

      Remain Blessed

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